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Vanilla Flavoured Instant Coffee Granules 150 g

Brew up a perfect cup of coffee with Spiceplanet Instant Coffee. This 150 gram pack provides the best value in Vanilla flavor. The Instant Coffee Granules are made from top-grade Arabica coffee beans and it has a smooth, strong taste. You can prepare an instant cup of your favorite flavored coffee - black coffee, hazelnut, cold brew or vanilla latte in just three simple steps - Pour it into your cup, add calm milk and mix over low heat. This Instant Coffee from Spiceplanet is premium quality coffee that makes sure you don’t lose out on flavor and ease of use anytime you need a tasty cup of happiness at home or office. If you are looking for an indulge bundle to surprise your loved ones then this, along with our other flavourful coffee versions is the perfect gift set! So hurry up and get your hands on this premium product now!

Vanilla Flavoured Instant Coffee Granules 150 g